And he never went back there again. But anyhow, so the crocs in the tank, I’ve got one of the keepers, this older keeper was working in the other crocodile tank. And I went in and I’m sweeping up and there was a couple of palm fronds that was that the tank was designed kind of like this and then on this side, there was a spiked fence, a fence with the overhanging spikes that ran down the four length. And then there was this little spit that came out, which was about this wide, about halfway to the glass and that’s where this trash was. So I just went out like I’d done before and I never really paid much attention to the croc. I knew its head was up in the corner. And I leaned down to pick up the trash and I heard a scrape and I looked up and he had spun around and were starting to come at me.