Well, in a sense I did, but with the elephant, there was a totally unexpected attack. I learned at that point, I got off of elephants. I wasn’t gonna work elephants anymore. But I think the closest incident where I came within a hair’s breadth of literally being killed was with the saltwater crocodile. And we used to go in with this crocodile on a routine basis twice a week, but the tank was always dropped and he would just kinda crawl up in a corner and just lay there. But he had been getting pretty aggressive. I remember we had a janitor that used to go in the back and there was a window in this little room that we used to feed this croc from and we’d open the window and you’d hold the fish and he’d come up out of the water and you just kind of throw the fish in his mouth. And this guy was back there, sleeping I think, and he got a phone call and I think it was me because I went to the other end of the crocodile area and I yelled for him and he opened the door and the croc came out of the water and hit him right in the chest and knocked him back into the, and then just went back into the.