And he was up standing up in front and the elephant hit him and threw him up in the air against the front bars and the guy just dropped. And I yelled at the elephant and grabbed the hook and ran around the front and stopped the elephant. At that time, I was able to pull him through the bars and get him out of there. And then I went, I said, okay, and I had the bull hook and I started back in the cage and he charged me. So I just backed off and I opened the door to let him out ’cause he was really getting nuts. And so he goes out in the yard, I shut the door, and this one of the senior keepers came up, and he said, “What’s going on?” And I said, I can’t remember the name of the elephant right off the top of my head, but I said, “He attacked Wilbur and then came after me.” And I said, “He’s out in the yard right now.” And I said, “I think we better call the vet because, I mean, I’m not going back in there with him.” And he said, “Give me the hook, I’ll get him.” And it was like, okay. And he opens the door and he goes out and all I hear is his trumpeting and trumpeting, and the next thing I know, in comes the elephant with this guy just beaten him on the rump, gets him into the building, chains him up. So I don’t know what happened that caused that animal to do what he did, but he darn near killed the one keeper that he hit and he was pretty badly bruised up.