So we had crates built, we set the crates up at the top of the yard. And this was a month before the pandas were supposed to, actually a little bit more than a month because they were doing some work inside on the inside of the exhibit for the inside exhibits for the pandas, but the outside hadn’t been touched. Anyway, long story short, we had set this up and I mean, it was going absolutely perfect. Every day we’d feed the two rhinos in their crates and every day they go in the crate, eat their food, lay down, get up, come out, go back inside. We were shipping with Harry Overball and he was supposed to be there at a particular time. And he called it, and this is, I mean, it was almost predictable that this thing was going to turn south on us because Overball called, he was supposed to be in the day before, and he called and said he’d run into a problem with the Sable antelope or something had gotten loose in the truck and he had, but so he’s gonna be a daylight and it was foggy and it was slowing him down. And we said, “Okay, well, we’ll postpone it today.” And I’m looking at him thinking, boy, that’s gonna make it because now we only have two days left to get these rhinos loaded. The next day we go up Overball pulls in, we’ve got the food in the crates, the doors are up, no problem.