So we really were fortunate. I think back in those days there was a lot less, I mean, yeah, we were cognizant of having to make sure that all the gates were locked and the doors were secured, but there was a lot of laxity. And I think I was telling you about the incident with the macaques where we went into the Monkey House first thing in the morning and this male macaques, which was a pretty good size monkey, was sitting on the guardrail. ‘Cause the monkey has had two entries and exits and people were actually coming in and out and we were trying to get to the other end of the building to get the doors closed on that end so we could contain this macaque and somebody opened the door and the macaque got out into the zoo. And we chased that mechanic all over the place. I mean, around the Lion House, down past the restaurant, it went down some steps and there was a supply building down there. The door to the supply building was open. He runs in the door, he runs in and five people come charging out, slam the door, and so we had the macaque contained inside the building.