And the door opens from the inside of the building and out comes to Jaguar. And I wasn’t even paying any attention ’cause I was talking to somebody until I heard this woman say, “Look, he’s creeping up on him.” And I turned around and here’s the Jaguar right behind the guy and it leaps up on his shoulders with both paws over his shoulders. And fortunately, the guy enough sense to kinda twist this body and go out through the door that he’d come in through and knocked the cat off. And then he had enough time to grab the gate and close it. But and the guy that was in the building just forgot that he was out there working and opened the door. And I mean, again, that could have been a real, real serious disaster. ‘Cause if the catty gotten out and this wasn’t a nice cat either. I mean, I’m surprised that even the guy that he jumped on was not seriously hurt, but he wasn’t.