Yeah, it was, I think I enjoyed it more, ’cause one thing that I found out at Angel and I think the reason now that I could not go into private practice was that I’d see an animal brought into Angel and even though it was an SPCA hospital, and it might need some sophisticated surgery that at the time we were doing, and people just couldn’t afford it. And so most of the times they’d make it some kind of an arrangement with the people over payment or something like that, or I could go talk to him, say, “This is an interesting case, can you give him a price cut?” And when it came to the zoo work, price was never an object. I didn’t ever have to say, “Well you know, it’s gonna be too expensive to do this, or this medicine’s basically too expensive”, or, you know, stuff like that. Sometimes we didn’t have the right equipment, but there was never a basic cost about how you were gonna do your medical care. You would try to do the best you could without any concern for what it was gonna cost.