You got a tiger?” I said, “What would I be doing with a tiger in Johns Hopkins?” “I’m sorry, I just asked, you know.” Of course, the tiger hadn’t roared or done anything, but she said, “I saw a cage like that just at the zoo, at the circus.” So we faked our way through the … Got it over there, and I was getting ready to work it up, Gunther was right, the next day it was dead. I mean this is a cat that was looking good, not underweight, but Gunther knew his cats. And I still don’t know what actually caused that digestive problem, they’ve had a few cats like that, but I haven’t seen it as a … It’s a syndrome written up or much work being done on it. Now maybe it’s something that just has phased out over the time, but that was my first exposure, and then a couple other times, when I was at the National Zoo, I was called out to do, to look at some cats that … The lions and tigers were falling off their pedestals during the performances. And they said, “Well, we got real problems with our, something’s happening”, and it was the whole thing, and one animal was just flat out, wouldn’t even move.