And so they called me out to the zoo when I was at Hopkins and said, “We’ve got this tiger that’s sick”, and it was Gunther Gable Williams’s tiger. And he was a character. Unbelievable man. And he said, “Look at this, this animal is passing this stool, abnormal stool.” And they presented it to me and it was meat. It looked like it had just been vomited. I couldn’t believe that it had went through the digestive track, ’cause I didn’t see it pass it or anything. So I just, you know, I guess I shouldn’t question Gunther, if anybody knows Gunther, but you know, he’s German and very sure of himself, and he assured me that that was that. And he said, “It’s gonna die.” And I said, well gee, let’s at least give it a chance”, and so they were gonna leave, and they were on the next thing.