I’d love the idea. I’m a firm believer of it, because there’s nothing more magnificent than some kid seeing an elephant. I mean there’s, I’m still amazed every time I drop an elephant and get up close to it, and do something with it, it’s a magnificent species, and I think if our kids now need to get away from their iPods and everything else, and get out and get close one-on-one, not with contact, but just see the magnitude and you know, of an elephant. And I think think that zoos can, are going toward exhibits that are gonna be compatible with the wellbeing and the welfare of elephants. And people have always asked me about Ringling Brothers and their elephants. I don’t think they’re as bad off as a lot of people say, you know, they’re moving all the time, they’re within a family group, they have a purpose, they go out, they perform, they come back, and you see a few of the stereotypical behaviors when you go behind the scenes, but not as many as you see in some zoos with it, so I cannot, you know, down blame Ringling Brothers for sure, ’cause I’ve seen their facilities down in Florida, as I’m sure you have. They’re giving excellent care to those elephants, and they’re doing great stuff. So I’m a supporter of elephants in captivity, you know, with the proper exhibits, care, and things.