I think veterinary care made it possible, especially with the worming medication, because of the way I understand it, everybody downplays these sterile exhibits, you know, we’ve seen the matchbox exhibits, well I’ve heard a very interesting explanation for that, that came out of Germany, and some of the places is that’s the only way they could keep animals alive. Many times because of parasites, before they had worming medications they could flush out the feces, use sanitation before antibiotics, and keep ’em clean. So when I look at those now, I say, they were doing a job then with the tools that they had. So then as worming medication came along, and our better antibiotics, then we’re able to put ’em out into pastures, and warm them through incorporating it into food, and things like that, and then also going back to anesthesia, it’s allowed us to selectively take an animal out without chasing the whole mess through a crail or a catch system or in the bomas, and possibly further traumatizing them. And I think those are probably the two biggest contributions that veterinary medicine are made to the naturalistic exhibit.