Is it eating today?” if I saw him, but, you know, eyeballing it and then walking out. And then I would get stuff like that that would say, and I’d get called in the meeting, this is early on, they’d say, “I saw Dr. Bush go into the small mammal house, and I don’t know what he did, and he didn’t talk to me about it, and I want this to stop”, and, you know, I’d sit and listen to that and they’d have little picky uni things like that, so I stopped that right away one time, there was a new, that assistant director that I can’t think of right now, he had, and they had lined up probably 10 or 15 examples of something that I had, you know, were grossly, and I thought was just totally out of hand, and so I listened to ’em and didn’t say anything, not this, just listened to ’em all the way, so he says, “Well, Dr. Bush, you’ve heard these complaints, what is your answer to those?” And I said, “I only have one answer.” I said, “You get up and go out and shut the door.” And I said, “The one that comes out after you is gonna be right.” And there were about six of them. And that ended the discussion right there. I was so mad of all this bullshit. So I just told him, I said, “That’s it, I’ve had it.” You guys, you know, either get on board, let’s talk it out, don’t bring it to the assistant director en masse, of about a six week, you know, episode where you’ve been documenting every move I made. And that ended it. And then I had other things at Nation League, where I had a curator that says, came up and he says, “Well, I consider you just like the veterinarian down the street. I’ll invite you in to look at my animals, and you can tell me what we should treat it with, and I decide whether we’re gonna treat it.” I said, “That’s not the way it’s gonna work.” And so we had a few discussions about that, and we changed it.