‘Cause you had kind of a large staff. I didn’t have that large of a staff. I’ve only had one or two associates and mainly, you know, interns and residents. And being the alpha one, I didn’t have a problem. I listened to ’em, because your goal is to teach somebody to go out and do it, and you know, as I say, you know, I’d give people, somebody come to me with a way to do it, and I wouldn’t agree with it, but I wouldn’t say, “No, you can’t do it.” I’d say, “Let’s think about it if you wanna do it, let’s think about the hazards”, but if it sounded within reason, I’d say yeah, because that’s part of their learning experience, and I don’t know how to do everything right. You know, I’ve made tons of mistakes, and this person may have another idea that I’m willing to try unless it’s so out of bounds, or if I’ve tried it and gotten into trouble, I will definitely probably kabosh it, and say no, but I’ve never had to do that. Now there are fractional conflicts in zoos between veterinarians and curators.