and he’s doing a lot of that, a lot of that drugs, a lot of the anesthesia studies right now are be done in wildlife, and I’m reviewing a paper right now of one in whitetail deer. But there’s a few studies that are going on. As I say, we don’t have the access we used to have in Africa to try that, but we’re getting several papers every month in our journal that talk about, you know, improved anesthesia and people are still working on it, but see, like we have good anesthesia for most of our species, like when we went over to do anesthesia work in Africa, we didn’t bother anesthetizing elephants to do anesthesia studies, because they had that down. You know, it’d be very great to anesthetize an elephant, and say you did all this stuff and do that, but we had other animals that we wanted to spend our time on because those were animals where we had problems, and people were having problems. And so we would target those, and our first publications on that in Africa would be in an African journal, not putting it somewhere over here in the US, where somebody in a zoo would read it, and not have the same conditions that we’re dealing with, and need different dosages, so we’d publish it in the South African Journal of Medicine and then abstract it over here in our journal, with the understanding that people have to think about that, where they have a different environment.