Well, I think there’s a lot of ways to do it, and that’s what some of the people that have go, and get college degrees in other areas, not veterinary medicine should be working on. I’m just philosophizing on, you know, how you present your signs or flash your signs or you know, incorporate the person into the exhibit, having a walkthrough area through the exhibit so they feel more closely tied with it or you know, something, something has to change and it has changed from our postage stamp type of collection to the naturalistic and then people say, “Well I can’t see anything out there, so what’s in there?” They walk by because they haven’t spent time to look at animals that are blending in and do that because it’s, you know, it’s … So there’s, I think there’s where a lot of neat studies, and thought and things can go into zoos. I just didn’t know if you had any ideas you wanted to patent here today. I’m gonna patent ’em, I’m not gonna tell you. During the time you were at National Zoo, you were inventing your way, new ideas, excellence was the norm.