Well see that’s the trouble. When you go through vet school, you don’t have time to develop anything, like on management or personnel stuff, you’re right down the line on medicine, surgery, pathology, et cetera, and in Adelaide where they were, you know, they were having some problems with some of my coworkers there, I said, “What have you done?” “He had problems with personnel management, just …” I said, “Well you’re obligated to train him in that, get some special training.” We’ve never had that kind of training in vet school, if he doesn’t know how to people manage, he doesn’t know how to manage his time, he’s unfamiliar on doing financial budgeting stuff, those are things you can send people to learn. And that’s not within the normal skillset of the veterinarians that come right through straight through. And some people have that inherent knowledge, and can do it, but some people lack the skillset.