I think it is, and by two aspects, you don’t see as many jobs advertised, I kind of just look at jobs historically, because I’m just kind of interested in how many people, but I’d say I look at the AZA job thing periodically, and I see maybe one zoo job every two weeks or three weeks, maybe that’s opening up, and I find that many zoos maybe like I discussed in Adelaide, have too many veterinarians, you know, then maybe if that manpower would have, went on to other specialties, or taken up other aspects of the zoological medicine, or taking care of that would be, so I think it’s, I don’t think it’s overcrowded yet, like it’s reported in a small animal practitioner, where there’s too many small animal practitioners according to the AVMA, and some of the journals I’ve been reading lately, but there’s such a tremendous interest I think in many students for doing zoo work, that, and many practitioners, when I was doing my internship, I’d get letters from practitioners that had been in practice for 10 or 15 years, deciding they all of a sudden wanted to go to work in zoos ’cause they were tired and bored of, you know, seeing small animal all the time. So I don’t know how many applications they have for zoo jobs, but I would suspect that there’s quite a few.