So that may be one thing that’s happening. But … And then they were, I was gonna stay, I guaranteed them I’d stay one year. They wanted me to sign on for three years, I think because of my experience with giant pandas, and they were gonna try to breed them and do all this stuff, and so then I said, “Chris, I’ll stay on one year.” And then the year came up and Chris and I kind of talked back and forth, and he kind of convinced me to stay another year, so about three months later, after I’d committed the second year, Chris resigned, and went to Edinburgh, I think. And so I turned in my resignation the very next day, because we were planning to do some stuff that was gonna major, be a major shift. If I was gonna take charge of the veterinary program, I had to really step on some toes of some people that were well-seated into the thing, and I needed Chris’s backing and not, you know, indecision of which would’ve just destroyed the entire zoo infrastructure, because I felt there had to be major changes. Chris agreed with me and was gonna work with me, and I said, “Chris, we can’t, if we decide to move these people this way, we have to do it. We can’t lose this battle ’cause if we lose that battle, we can’t proceed with anything else.” And so when Chris left, I knew we were at a loss, and so they appointed some lady in the business thing as Director and I would’ve thought they’d at least given me an exit interview to, you know, get some information.