Yes. “Chris”, I said, basically you’ve got two things wrong here.” I said, “Number one, you’re a roadside zoo with giant pandas.” And so he told the board that I said that and he said, “I have to agree with Mitch.” He said, “We’re not doing …” They had big logos like “We exist to save animals from extinction.” And I talked to Chris and I say, “I’ve been working in the zoo for a long time. I’ve worked with black footed ferrets, I’ve worked with, you know, cheetahs, I’ve worked with golden lion tamarins, and I’m not sure we’ve saved them from extinction, and we put a lot of money and effort into it.” So they just had a different, they were on a different tangent, I think, and they had a certain, they had the giant pandas in an exhibit, that they had mulch, that was about six foot deep, inside, and they couldn’t figure out why they couldn’t get rid of roundworms, and other things, and the pandas were itching, and the keepers were coughing, and they’d never changed the mulch. They just kind of stirred it up. So I said, “We gotta get rid of it.” It took me over a year before they finally decided to get rid of it, and I finally was asking nicely, “Well, why did you do it there?” I’ve seen panda exhibits around the world. And they said, “Well, we saw this paper about how it was”, and I said, “I’d like to see this paper.” And it was a paper out of, I think Brazil, where they put mulch underneath cages of primates, and all the insects would come and eat the feces, and you know, kind of keep it clean, and they didn’t have to do anything. Well, I said, “Well, a couple things. We’re not in Brazil, we don’t have the insects and they’re not primates.” So finally we got it out and I heard back that they’re getting the worming under control now that they moved it out, and the keepers are no longer sneezing.