I interviewed for a veterinarian that would be a staff veterinarian, no supervisory thing, just taking care of animals. It sounded great. I said, “Hey, don’t apologize for that.” I said, that would just kind of be my ideal thing to finish out, you know, some quote golden years, or platinum years to, you know, be able to work with animals and they’ve got such a unique collection of animals that I hadn’t worked with before, all the marsupials and stuff like that, so … And I’d worked in Australia about almost a decade and a half or two decades ago, when we took our reproductive and genetic team over to look at koalas, and we worked with the group over there, and just had a great time with the Aussies. We were working up around Sydney, and going out and catching wild koalas, and doing all kinds of genetic and reproductive studies on ’em and just had a great time, so I was really kind of looking forward to it, but it didn’t quite turn out that way.