Well, South Africa where I’ve done quite a bit of work, one of the true friends and colleagues that I have there was Lynn Coley, who is the zoo veterinarian at the Johannesburg Zoo, who actually got me started in Africa, and I met some unique people at Kruger National Park from Gladys De Faust, to Cobbs Roth, and Dol Groebler, Roy Benjes, you know, some of the really great veterinarians working in a free-ranging park like Kruger. That was … Were they teaching you things about anesthesia, ’cause that would be — that’s the interesting thing, because I was invited over there to … I worked out some techniques, early techniques, for anesthetizing giraffes. It worked well in my hands in captive situations, and just to digress a little bit, used to always get calls or somebody call you up and say, “How do you anesthetize this, or how do you anesthetize that?” And what I’ve started doing is a disclaimer, “This is what works when I do it in my collection”, because sometimes in a different collection, one set of drugs or something else doesn’t work, so that was something I learned. So I took my technique of doing giraffes into the wild, and we did that, and I was drugged through acacias, and everything else as they started pacing, and never went down until we physically had to throw ’em down and had all kinds of problems, until we developed again techniques, that worked in the field, and then took them back into the captive situation, and they worked there too well, as we evolved in our drugs, and our techniques, and our monitoring, so that we understood better what was happening physiologically to the animal that went down. But yeah, I learned some stuff from my friends in doing anesthesia in South Africa, but a lot of it wasn’t applicable, because they would maybe anesthetized 20 or 30 Cape buffalo for a study we were doing, and we’d be never anesthetizing that many, you know, and elephants would anesthetize the whole family herd, and you know, to translocate ’em, and I’d help ’em do that, but … We had talked about different titles, so I just have a question.