I mean they could be zoo-related or science-related, but are things that interest Mitch Bush. I was so totally committed and immersed for so many years in zoo medicine, that about my only external activity was contact sports of rugby and lacrosse, that were my … And of course, you know, some time with my family and stuff. But that’s what has been the hard part of retirement. I mean all of a sudden you’re not doing anything, and people are paying you for not doing anything, and that is, and I’m kind of sitting back saying, “Hmm, that’s interesting.” And I found out one thing about retirement that probably a lot of people don’t realize is that there’s no days off when you’re retired, so you just have to keep working, or finding stuff to do. So … Retirement’s been a very tough, tough hurdle for me to go through, and I was lucky to be able to phase through that through Thailand and now immersed in redoing my home, getting it ready for selling, so we can move on.