Yeah, I hired two. Let’s see who the … I have to go back in my memory bank, Don Janssen was my first one. He came out of the internship program at San Diego, and yeah, Don came in and you know, Don is just a prince of a guy to work with. I mean we just worked very well together, and he finally left and went back to San Diego, and now he’s the Head of the Veterinary Department, both at Escondido and Balboa, and I still keep in contact with him, but no, Don did good and Don kind of started, we were talking about computerizing medical records, and so Don had a little bit of computer experience, and so we got the old Radio Shack TS 80 or TRS 80, and started playing around with, you know, playing around with records. And so then when we were getting some stuff down, we did a workshop at a zoo vet convention of just very basic stuff that you could put on computers, like anesthesia records and retrieve ’em, and do things like that, and Don was getting some started on medical records, and so at the time Don told me he was leaving, I’m going, “Oh my God, what are we are going …” So I had this intern that came in, one of the most stupid things I’ve ever done in my life, I asked my intern, “Do you know anything about computers?” And that intern was Andy Tier, who developed Med Arts and did all that stuff. So it was just the right time. We had the stuff in place, and of course Andy took off with Med Arts and that’s kind of history.