That was a vacancy there. I forget who left, I think Larry Collins was a curator of giant pandas and some of the hoofstock, and he went to Front Royal when Chris Wimmer, that was about the time Front Royal opened up, I believe, and Larry went out there with Chris, because Larry was a graduate student of Eisenberg, in Eisenberg, and that was a tight knit between Eisenberg, Chris Wimmer, and Larry Collins. And so that went out there and left a void, and so I was just kind of marking time there till they rearranged it again. Was that something where they say, “And you’re the new interim head”, or were they saying, “Can you take this on?” Probably something about both, you know, it was kind of hard breaking in a new curator every time. So I thought well maybe I’ll save myself some heartburn for at least a year or so, and try to do that. Now you were Clint Gray’s, or an assistant when you first started with Clint Gray.