Or did the Smithsonian say it’s okay to do it or … Yeah, we did a lot of traveling, Dave Wilt and I, when, I met Dave Wilt, ’cause I was interested in laparoscopy. Tell us who Dave Wilt is, just to — Tell us who Dave Wilt is, just to put in perspective. Well, Dave Wilt is a PhD reproductive physiologist that studied at Michigan State, and had done a lot of work with pigs, and had developed laparoscopic techniques for examining internal organs, mainly the reproductive organs. And I was interested in laparoscopy, because we had a major problem with avian tuberculosis at the National Zoo when I got there. And diagnostic tests were very limited. But one of the things that, I’m digressing a little, but one of the things for the diagnostic test was to look at the liver and spleen of birds to look for granulomas or white spots, and rather than opening them up all the way, I thought maybe a laparoscope, we take a quick peek in there, get a look and start doing a test and slaughter basically on some of the birds to get rid of the problem. So I wanted to try to find out, you know, more about laparoscopy.