And then I think we can probably keep the animal alive for a while, but you know, we’re not gonna probably cure it, but you know, we can keep the animal comfortable.” So I felt pretty good, you know, telling him that, and then Dick was waiting for us, we got back the next morning, comes back, he said, “Okay, lymphoma”, I sent him a message, you know, “Our diagnosis is confirmed, we’ve got lymphoma, you know, this is the way to do it.” I guess it was about a week later, we got, somebody found a paper from Mexico. “Mexican scientists diagnosed cancer in giant pandas after Smithsonian cannot.” And they gave that panda about six or seven combinations of drugs all at once, and killed it within a week. So then they called me back, I think later they had a sick giant panda, wanted me to come back again, I said, “I’m sorry.” I said, “You guys are not following any of my advice, you haven’t done it. So if I go down there, I’m gonna tell you to do this, which you probably won’t do.” So that ended my consultation with giant pandas of Mexico.