They could never could deliver anything. And I said, “Look, American zoos, I can go over there, and probably in 30 days I can get the rest of these animals.” “Yeah, but how much will it cost us?” “Some of them they’ll give to us.” “Why would they give them to us?” “Well, they might want a sand cat, or they might want an Arox.” And there are a few Arabian Arox there, and they get a permit and all that. “But just trust me and I can go.” So okay. “But I’ll need some money.” I was beginning to learn that they don’t give you, I mean they promise you, but they don’t deliver. They just don’t trust Westerners that much. Plus I think it’s their nature. They love to haggle. I guess we haggled for three hours when I had my contract there on how much I was gonna get for this, and that and the other thing. Anyway, we got the, I came to the United States.