Anoles is a primarily aquatic lizard, and I found in the years following my mother’s death, one or two years later, I found an interest in Anoles lizards among a man who originally, I believe, had belonged to the National Society in Washington. He was operating a supply firm for people who studied Anoles lizards and multiple things in this, in this form of life. And he wanted Anoles, and I was in a position to supply Anoles lizards. I would ride my bicycle 10 miles south of Bennington to the lake that we were still family members of this club that owned the lake. And I would collect what the week had managed to, managed to provide. And I shipped 1 to 2,000 Anoles to this man in Kansas. Managed to ship it. He probably gave me the hints of how they should be packed for shipment, and apparently it was very easy for me to do, and I shipped them.