I would report to the basement of the administrative building, and put together the groups of gift shops. And there were a group of gift shops in the entire park. I would put together the number of photographs that they needed to refill their stock. Along about July, he called me in the office one day. I sat down, and he said, “You’ll be finished here in 30 days.” “You mean I’m being fired?” He said, “I mean that.” Never said why, never gave me a reason, but, “You finish the season, and October first, you’re done.” I never found out why I was fired. My guess was that he wanted to make Heinz more at home there, and he wanted to do me a favor and let me go by having a 30-day notice. And he was very, very easygoing with me. Three weeks into the 30 days, he and Heinz both came to me, and some other, something they were asking about the photographs I was in charge of.