And you went down, down at either end of the pool and viewed the porpoise in the water. Now this was, this was a month or more following the porpoise’s arrival. And she was putting this pool in the aquarium building along about the time she went in, went in the pool, we got another pink porpoise from the same source, Trudy Jerkins and/or Mike Tsalikes in South America. And it was on a phone up, and I came to Fort Worth, came from Fort Worth to Tarpon Springs, and we flew the male in the backseat of a four place Cessna, the pilot and I in the front and a hand-built pool, enough water in the back of us to float the porpoise. We stopped in someplace in Mississippi for fuel on the way back from Tarpon Springs, flew into Fort Worth, and it made the pair. And this was the first pair ever, ever kept in North America. Now you were involved in a number of exhibits at the Fort Worth Zoo.