Can’t survive without it. Zoos are part of their community and without the support of the community, they don’t exist. I mean, most zoos have societies and the people who are on the societies are community leaders and they’re the ones who are out there talking about the zoo and, ’cause if you don’t go to the zoo, if you don’t have kids and, you know, the zoo is just there, you don’t think about it. They’re there to help promote the zoo and other cultural institutions. I mean, you’re vying against museums and art museums. Everybody’s got a pet project. And sporting teams, I mean, Brewers are in town, more people go to Brewers games than, there are times though, when the brewers were really bad and the zoo would have better attendance records than the Brewers, but the Brewers in the zoo now have combined. You go to the Brewers, get a ticket, you get a ticket to go to the zoo.