And a lot of people, and it changed because it wasn’t until 2005 that we started hiring keepers who were not residents of the city of Milwaukee, I mean, of Milwaukee County. I mean, one keeper, I did a keeper exchange. One of my keepers went to Kansas City for four months and one of their keepers came up to work in Milwaukee, just to work in another zoo. And he liked Milwaukee a lot better than Kansas, so he moved to Milwaukee to, moved to get on the list and get a job. It helps if you’re working for a zoo that’s a government-run zoo rather than a society-run zoo. It helps if you’re a veteran. You don’t have to have a degree if you’re a veteran, ’cause you get that 10 extra points and that usually gets you up at the head of the list. Finding out, the most difficult thing is to find out how to get on the list.