Well, I mean I was, as a new recent graduate veterinarian, I was still learning, you know, veterinary medicine. And one other thing that I did continue to do, one thing that I worked out with the director was, I said, “Look, I’m here all, you know, every day, and then I’m available on Saturdays and Sundays,” ’cause I was off on those days. But in veterinary school, you learn the techniques, but your surgery skills are not up to par just yet. You know, you’ve done surgery in class, but to be a good surgeon, you have to have a lot of experience, I think. And I had started doing that at the Humane Society, and they do a lot of surgeries every day. Not only, you know, spays and neuters, but they also had a lot of other types of surgeries there, a lot of orthopedic work, and everything that was done. And I said, “Look, I can go over at least one afternoon a week and hone my sur surgery skills there, and that will be helpful for me, but also helpful for the zoo when surgery has to be done.” And so I continued to do that, and really, I thought, developed my surgical skills over there.