You didn’t go in with a lot of stuff, but you went in with the elephants all the time. And it’s such a big animal that it just, you know, even accidentally you get hurt by getting in their way. And so I think the movement to protected contact is a good one. You know it’s moved to that, and yet part of that was also being able to still carry out all the things that you used to do before. We had a big a program, we were working with elephants, and I’m trying to think of when this started, probably back in 1980s or so, where we were working on trying to, we didn’t have a bull elephant, and yes, we had six or seven cows, and we were working on artificial insemination in elephants. And so we would draw blood samples from the elephants. At one point we were doing it every day. Very easy to do, you just, the ear vein is a big one.