And, “Well, can somebody else do that instead, and give you the part that you do like to do?” We did that a lot with the maintenance people. In the keepers areas, you know, it was a matter of, well you know, there were different duties if you were an elephant keeper as opposed to in the birdhouse. And you know, sometimes in the birdhouse you had to take care of all of the plants as well as the animals, and some of them, well, they didn’t like that. “Well, let’s go to an area where you don’t have to take care of plants.” And so we were able to move people around, or give them the stuff that they were good at. And I think that, you know, a good manager tries to get his people to be productive. They wanna be productive. They don’t wanna be slouches, you know they don’t, if you have some, you know, seldom in the zoo do we have anybody that wasn’t really dedicated. It was one of the neat things about working at the zoo.