People, you can’t just feed them information and expect them to keep coming back. People come to the zoo to have a good time. Now when they’re there you can educate them, and get them, you know I think, change their attitudes or their opinions. But if they’re not having a good time, they’re not gonna keep coming back. I think you know, you talk about the animal rights people that object to say, some of the animals that are used in TV shows or whatever, “Flipper” and some of the old ones, you know, that were there. Those animals really changed, if you didn’t have those TV shows that were doing that, you would not have changed people’s attitudes of, “Oh wait a minute, these are pretty neat animals,” ’cause they wouldn’t have known anything about those animals. But because of, and of course there’s a lot of wildlife shows on now that show, of wildlife, and you know, starting with “Animal Kingdom”.