And so gradually we moved away from them and into more conservation activities. We still have a sea lion show, and that’s still a popular entertainment thing, but it is also a very good educational thing. They do try to get the messages across to the people. I think, you know one of the things that did learn, I guess, in my time at the zoo, was that it would bother us sometimes. We’d have this exhibit that we spent a lot of money to make it all natural, and the right barriers to keep the people protected and so forth. And here would be, maybe a roadside zoo that allowed you to feed the animals, and give them bottles or whatever, and the people would, you know relatives of mine would come back and, “Oh yeah, the St. Louis Zoo was okay, but boy we got to feed these animals. We got to touch these goats, and we got to do this.” And you know, how excited they were because of that close contact. And so, I think zoos have to look at things.