Well, it was challenging. I mean, it was difficult, because you didn’t learn about zoo medicine in vet school. I mean, you learned medicine, but you were applying things that you’d learned for domestic animals on different kinda animals, and they weren’t always the same. The anatomy wasn’t always the same. A lot of the physiology’s the same, but the immobilization and anesthesia and restraint were certainly completely different. So you know, when I first went to the zoo, when I took the job I thought, I was gonna make sure I gave a good shot at it. Because I had heard, and I’d seen actually, even with Dr. Wallach or whatever that you know, a lot of the zoo people, they don’t want some veterinarian coming in there and telling them what to do. They’ve been doing all this all their years, and they didn’t want a university educated person coming in and doing all this.