And Dr. Gilula, who is one of our consultants, was there, he’s a physician, he’s a radiologist at the medical school. And he says, “Well you can’t necessarily judge, just because of that narrowing. There could be some other things going on. You need to do a, you know, CAT scan, an MRI or something on there.” And I said, “Well yeah, but we don’t have those facilities.” He says, “Yeah, but we have it over at the hospital, you can bring it over and we’ll get it done.” And so I said, “Well if you wanna work on that, we’ll be happy to do it.” And so just as a side light, my sister at the time was having back issues. She was having trouble with her spine and she wanted to know, and I had told her, I says, well, “Dr. Ford is the best spinal surgeon, orthopedic person in St. Louis. He’s the guy that everybody, if you got problems, he’s the guy to go to.” And so my sister Maryanne called Dr. Ford. Well she couldn’t even get an appointment to be looked at for eight months. And so she’s already moved her bed from, she lived on a two-story house, and moved her bed down into the living room, ’cause she couldn’t walk upstairs anymore.