Well, five days later that bandage was still on the bear. They couldn’t believe it, they couldn’t understand why. You know, “Nobody is able to put a bandage on a bear that stays that long.” Well, I didn’t know what happened at the time, but what actually happened, bears have a heavy hair coat, a thick, heavy fat layer. Well, any medication that goes into the fat layer is released very slowly into the system. The first dart that I used was a sharp needle, and so that drug got into the bear, but it was in the fat layer. The second dart with the longer needle went into the muscle and actually immobilized the bear. However, that first one went in there and kept releasing in the fat layer for the next five days, and kept that bear kind of tranquilized a little bit for it, and so some things turn out fairly well. (chuckling) They still think I’m the best guy at putting bandages on an animal. Made your reputation.