And and of course they, the keepers and so forth were offering me advice and said, “You know, there’s no use putting a bandage on there. He’s gonna tear that off immediately.” Well, I guess I was a little stubborn and I continued to put more gauze and tape on there. Continue, well they just, “You’re wasting your time putting that on there.” And the more they insisted about not doing it, the more bandage, I guess I wrapped on there. So by the time we were finished, we had a good-size bandage on there. Well, after we were done with all that, and I was satisfied that it was clean, had everybody get out of the enclosure. An M99 has a specific antagonist, that you give it intravenously and it reverses the M99 and the bear wakes up, so at least I was hoping it was gonna wake up. And we all got out, I gave it intravenously and got outta there, and the bear kinda got up and walked around a little bit, was still pretty groggy, and moved around. But he was up and moving.