Well I think, you know, I mean it was, cataract removal’s done all the time, you know in people, and of course in dogs all the time. But, and another interesting cataract removal was, was here at the Brookfield Zoo. The Brookfield Zoo had an elephant that had cataracts, and the veterinarian at the time was a little concerned, and wanted me to come up to do the anesthesia for the immobilization, and they had a veterinary ophthalmologist coming from maybe, I don’t remember whether it was Purdue or University of Illinois, but a ophthalmologist, I mean a veterinarian who was board certified as an ophthalmologist. And he was doing the surgery, but I was going to anesthetize the elephant. And I met with, night before with, I forgot his name, but he and George Rabb, the director of the zoo, and the veterinarian, and how we were going to do this, and I was gonna anesthetize it. He says, “I just need probably about, you know, 15 minutes of complete immobilization.