(laughing) Yeah, every year we have a big dinner, dance bash at the zoo with some big name entertainment, and all of our big donors come to that. And it’s a black tie affair, so everybody’s, you know, dressed up. And here we’re at this event and we get a call, the antelope house, that they, I don’t remember whether it was, I think it was an aurochs or a kudu was delivering, and was gonna have difficulty. At this point I was was assistant director, so I wasn’t as much involved in the day-to-day veterinary work. Eric Miller was at the same event, and we were actually talking and Jay Marshall, who was one of our consultants, he’s an MD, he’s an internist and his wife is also a physician. They were also at this big hullabaloo event. And so Eric says, “Well, I gotta go up and deliver, you know, help with this kudu delivering.” And Jay says, “Well, I wanna go along, you know?” And so I, “Well, I guess I’ll go along too.” So here we are up there and Eric and Jay and Jay’s wife, as I said, also a physician.