Nobody knew about masks. But we TB tested then all of those employees that were involved with the necropsy, even though they had been TB tested earlier, but we had two people that converted from negative TB test to positive TB test, just from the exposure at that necropsy, to mycobacterium hominis, human TB, not elephant TB, not bovine TB, it’s human TB that that elephant had, and those two employees converted to positive reaction. They immediately got medical attention. Dr. Seria made sure he followed up on them. They got treated with isoniazid for a period of time, and then, and recovered fine. Never did get TB, they just had the exposure though. I didn’t convert to positive, I was still negative, even though I was the most intimately involved there. And the other interesting thing is, the keepers who took care of this animal, this animal had been at the zoo for 20, 30 years.