One time unsuccessfully I guess, or we were successful in hoisting it and keeping it, but it continued to go downhill and eventually died. And that elephant, and we’re doing a necropsy on it, an elephant is not something that one person to do a necropsy. We had four or five people there with hoses, chainsaws and whatever, ’cause we’re knocking this elephant up into small pieces to put it into 55-gallon drums, that we can get it on the truck, and go either to the render, you know, to dispose of it. And here we’re all in there and I’m opening up, I have already had the abdomen open, and I usually go that way and then go into the thoracic cavity. And I’m cutting through the diaphragm to get in there, and I see these nodules in the lungs, and it looks like TB. And I mentioned earlier about one of our consultants, Dr. Seria, who is a TB expert, human TBs. And he’d been working with us for years. He’d come out every year and TB test all of our employees.