(laughing) I always remember the first day, because the Kodiak bears had got into a big fight, and one of them was bleeding and had a huge laceration on its foot, you know. And so that was my first big deal of treating any animals at the zoo. And so you know, in veterinary school they don’t teach you a whole lot about zoo animals, and they don’t teach you anything about using a capture gun. And so I went out behind the hospital and used the capture gun, to make sure I could hit the target, shot at a target for a little while, ’cause I was gonna have to dart the bear, and we got the bear in the back. We always bring the animals out of the exhibit into the back area, to be able to treat it. And of course, since I was new there, the keepers were there who normally take care of them, the curators and even the director came down. Everybody wanted to see how their new veterinarian was going to be on the job, I guess. They were very helpful.