But we have a lot of volunteers who are in front of the enclosures and talking about the animals. One of the things, I remember one time going to a zoo, it might have even been Disney, and it was a huge flight cage. And I was going through, was actually going through with a couple of architects, because we were using these architects to help us with the River’s Edge. And we were going through and, ’cause I liked the exhibit. It was well-planted in the barriers and the screens, and you walk through, like a big flight cage. And the architect was saying, “Yeah, but you don’t see very many birds in here.” And you know, and they had a docent there who overheard the architect saying that. And she was very nice about it. She just got up and kinda walked along and said, “Oh, did you see that there, and this one there?” And pointed out all the stuff that was in there that he was missing, and she did it in such a nice way and helped, and it showed me that, you know, if you have that personal contact there, those visitors.