And one of the things, when an animal goes out, it has to have a health certificate signed by the veterinarian, that you looked at it and checked it out, and I had, and it was in good shape. We had it in a crate. I signed the health certificate, and I had started a pretty good medical records program at the zoo. We kept track, and every time I treated an animal, it went into the records. Every time anything happened to, you know, it’s just, I mean it wasn’t done years ago, and it just seems natural that it should have been done, but it wasn’t, and so I started all of that. And so when when I signed the health certificate, I attached its medical records to it, and everything that that animal had, what had happened to that animal, and what we had treated it with and so forth. Well the animal got shipped, and it went to a European zoo and when it got there, it had a discharge coming out of the nose, the nostrils. It was you know, and pretty much.