And anytime you have an incident, we, you know, evaluate the whole thing. And you know, one of the things that we did change, was we surely changed the lighting in that enclosure that, you know it was, those bears are dark black color and the area was not as bright as it could have been, and we did some others. Another incident with, more dramatic, was Bruce Reed was our curator of hoofstock. And we had a zebra incident where the male zebra, A Grevy zebra, not a common, more aggressive zebra type, he wouldn’t come in from the yard into the, we bring them into the stalls inside at nighttime, and they come in to feed or whatever. Well all the mares were in, but this male wouldn’t come in. And Bruce knew that if he walked out into the yard with it, that that animal would come in, and he thought he could run faster than the zebra and it would come in. Well he wasn’t, and the zebra got him, and the zebra grabbed him by the ankle and was carrying him, you know, around in the yard. And of course, one of our security guards was right outside, and keeper was inside, and Bruce was hollering.