Oh, well the accident was not at the university. It was in my own, when I, in the first years there, I mean, I guess I’m a workaholic, ’cause I would work late all the time. And when I first there, I was learning everything, and just getting, as the first veterinarian, I’m putting together the animal records system, the whole bit, or the veterinary records part of it. And so on the weekends I’d often go back to the university, and I had some animals that I hadn’t completed the necropsies on, so I had them in the trunk of my car. And it was late on Friday evening and I was tired, and I was falling asleep on the highway. You know, I probably shouldn’t have been driving, but I was still driving, and it was like 10:00 at night. And once you get up into, the University of Missouri’s Veterinary school’s in Columbia, Missouri, and you get there and you get off the highway, and I’m on the street going towards the, you know. And at that point, the utility poles, telephone poles, are right next to the road.